Lucky Wink - Smooth Egg Brush - 3 Types

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An exclusive building where smooth pins (long as well as very short four stage pins) that eliminate tangles are placed in 4 types. Hair is united with antistatic representative. For hair style which often spreads very easily, but in addition combs hair. Delicate pin for scalp and also hair. The accommodating pin helps it be a lot easier to be tangled up in the locks, minimizing the concern of brushing. A brush which is light on the skin. Design which fits quite easily into the hands and is also not hard to keep. To hold the palm of the hand of yours stabilizes all areas of the brush and also distributes the force used on the brush. How you can use: Morning locks entanglement, before shampoo, spread, to avoid bedridden. By carrying it with the palm of the hands of yours, all areas of the hanging is stabilized as well as the pressure used on the brush is dispersed.