Kumano Cosme - Deve 3 Natural Oil Oil Shampoo Refill 400Ml - 2 Types

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Hydrating factor. It's a cream shampoo which often offers horse motor oil, camellia motor oil, coconut oil to magnificent triple and also adds moisture and gloss on the hair and skin. Abounding abundant bubbles, also gets rid of sebum earth which is hard to fall off of. Olive or Tsubaki / Argan It helps to keep it in good health without setting another burden on hair as well as the history by non silicon doctor prescribed. Gluey, finish with finger sticky sleek beauty, shiny locks. Horse or Camellia / Coconut Don't use additional burden on history and also hair with non silicone formulation, guarantee that it stays healthy. Gluey, finish properly with clean finger smoothness along with shiny locks. Horse oil: It's applied as a family's all purpose motor oil for a quite a while, has superb hydrating power, helps to keep healthy and glossy tresses. Camellia oil: Camellia motor oil is employed for beauty of hair out of far back, resulting in glossy and moist locks. Coconut oil: It's oil extracted from seed of coconut palm. Grant gloss and moisture content for the hair. How you can use: Wet the locks, use the appropriate volume to an entire tresses, wash and thoroughly clean it. After that, clean it all.