Tosowoong - In Shower Fresh Hair Removal Cream 100Ml 100Ml

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A hypoallergenic in shower hair removal product gets rid of hair well in only ten minutes. Formulated with naturally derived substances including centella asiatica extract, jojoba oil, and aloe vera leaf extract, the lotion with care eliminates hair while decreasing the opportunity to aggravate the skin. Infused with rejuvenating orange scent. Proven protected by the Ministry of Drug and also Food of Korea. How you can use: one. Make sure skin is dry and clean, use a solid, even part of the cream to completely coat the sought-after areas. two. Go out of the product on the skin of yours for 5 7 mins, and after that consult with a finger to check if the tresses are set to be removed. (If the hair of yours is a lot more stubborn, you are able to go out of the cream on for a maximum of ten minutes in total.) three. Gently massage the body part with a wet towel to clear away the hair. four. Rinse the skin of yours completely to clear away the lotion entirely while taking a hot shower.