Dalba - Fantastic Waterfull Mask 100Ml 100Ml

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Rather than the universally complementary cover up sheet or perhaps wash off cover up, d'Alba announced a groundbreaking skin mask that's in bottle of spray sort. Easy-to-use and comfy to put on. The material glides and also adheres very well to skin after apply. Featuring HA Complex, hyaluronic acid in immediate moisture content is provided by different sizes, revives troubled or sensitive skin, passing on to it elastic and supple. With the assistance of willow bark extract, bladderwrack extract and also yeast extract, it may help get rid of unwelcome junk gently, helps bring about calming and soothing positive aspects while guaranteeing your skin barrier is in one piece. How you can use: Remove hydrated right after cleansing. Shake nicely before usage. Spray purposely over the skin. Leave on 10 15 minutes, wash with lukewarm water.