Aritaum - Seaweed Dust Cut Mask 22Ml (4 Types) Pore Purification

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Provide every day skin filtering care with heart enriched with plus mask sheet made of five kinds of Seaweed extracts Seaweed foods with superb moisture gripping capacity gives proactive dampness delivery deep in skin while building a dampness covering shield to keep the skin of yours hydrated throughout the day Contain Hyaluronic Acid and Lotus Flower extract even further improve hydration strength as well as epidermis filtration result - Hydration Purification: Triple Hyaluronic Acid content aids make dewy, clear skin - Whitening Purification: Present brilliant, apparent, vitalized epidermis with Niacinamide - Pore Purification: Charcoal subject matter provides really clean, clear pore express - Firming Purification: infused with marine collagen for tight and brilliant skin. How you can use: one. Following face cleansing, alter the skin surface of yours with toner and put the mask sheet inside your face. two. Following ten - twenty minutes, take out the sheet and dab the excess heart on the face area for absorption.