Moonyu - Ceramide Bio Cellulose Mask 1-Piece 1 Pc

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Consists of veggie ceramide Hydrolyzed Konjac by co developped with Faculty of Science and also Waseda University, Engineering. Includes salvation of ageing therapy Proteoglycan that's taken from cartilage of the salmon heads. Making use of the newest sensory sheet Bio cellulose, and that is a raw content of Nata de Coco. It carefully adheres to the skin of yours as well as infiltrates quite a lot of beauty extract. Made for skin which is vulnerable, dried out skin types and also combination skin. How you can use: Take away from the light weight aluminum bag, distribute the sheet and take off one nonwoven fabric. To begin with arrange the roles of eyes, lips and nose. Keep the sheet securely while holding down all reas of the experience. Take away the remaining nonwoven fabric bit by bit. Trace the sheet with the fingertips of yours to place the face of the face of yours and guarantee that it stays in close proximity to the skin of yours. Leave as is also fifteen minutes prior to eliminating the seat. Permit it to totally familiarize the heart which usually stayed on the skin of yours with the hands of yours.