Rice Force - Acpoless Acne Spots Clear 15G

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A medicated oil totally free gel which prevents acne. Problem of sebum, calm skin which acne breakouts is much more concerned. As it's a transparent gel, it might end up being put to use even when it's along with proper care as well as cosmetics through the day is OK. Efficacy: Prevent pimples. Tighten up the skin of yours. Skin which is clean. To prepare the skin. Keep skin in good condition. Moisture is given by it for the skin. Gentleness for the skin. Certainly no scent, color, petroleum based surfactant not recommended, animal raw content not used. Engine oil free, weakly sour. How you can use: Amount being used: Take the right degree on the fingertips of yours and lightly blend into the nervous areas of the pimples of yours. As it's a transparent gel, it's OK on both makeup and skin. You are able to make use of it not just for morning as well as night care but in addition for daytime care.