Aloe Garden - Moisture Lotion 100Ml - 2 Types

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A brand new contact with a gentle sensation of using with no stickiness despite being heavy. A hydrating product which uses eighty one % aloe vera liquid * two rather than drinking water. High osmosis, aloe vera liquid, mixture created in just one single farmhouse in Shizuoka. The latest sense touch which permeates your skin with a soft sensation of using with no stickiness despite being heavy. Moisture penetrates to each and every corner of the stratum corneum, smoothes epidermis feel and also helps prevent skin which is rough. Sensitive acid which is kind to the skin of yours. Patch test * four happens to be performed. Contains hydrating substances required for skin, hydrolyzed elastin,, hydrolyzed collagen along with hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid. Helps prevent skin which is dried out and also offers natural moisture content. Damask rose floral water two mixture. A weak aroma of damask rose. Drinking water on all the items is produced by raw materials (less compared to one %). Hydrating constituents. As much as three stratum corneum. The patch test is a strategy of testing by using beauty products for the skin. You can not assume all men and women usually are not inflamed. The way to use: After cleansing the face of yours. Put on a suitable volume on to the palm or perhaps cotton and be applied to the skin of yours.