Kanebo - Sala Hair Styling Wax 35G - 5 Types

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Blue For Curly and long Hair Moisturizes sometimes the bristle ends as well as shakes aimlessly. The all round plan which often moves effortlessly goes on during the day. Serious Pink For Curly & Long-lasting Hair Bounce the tresses of yours with a perm. The whole day, soft curls remain. Green For Hair which is short Play with sharp action on to the hair style ends. A beautiful plan which often will continue to bounce randomly each day. Light Pink For Bun Hair It's not hard to keep hair which is soft with a handbrush and guarantee that it stays very soft. Arrange the hair of yours and create the own hair of yours. Orange For Light and curly Hair Bounce softly with enough air. During the day is continued by soft arrangements. Pack Size - 35g