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Conditions your skin and usually lasts its hydrating for a along period. Formulated with quality which is high and also huge heaven GOTOH TSUBAKI OIL (camellia oil), aside from that to the contained honey which has been in addition extracted around Gotoh, Nagasaki. You are able to employ not just for the face area of yours, but in addition for the whole body of yours. TUBAKI OIL Effect: The Tubaki motor oil offers resilience to the skin of yours. Additionally, it factors as well as helps to keep the skin smooth of yours while moisturizing. GOTOH TSUBAKI OIL: This Tsubaki Oil is taken from Gotoh Tsubaki that's inhabiting inside Gotoh, Nagasaki. It protects against drying out as well as conditions your skin smooth. HONEY: The product features honey extracted by Japanese bees in Gotoh destinations. It contributes to clean plus hydrating skin.