Anacis - Vela Shape Activ Cream 150Ml 150Ml

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Helps with body shaping in gentle temperature. Scientifically proven essential oils and superior ingredients developed targeted and effective therapy to not consider visual appeal of twisted skin by supporting all-natural microcirculation and also lymphatic drainage. Micro Thermal sensation to successfully stop cellulith, fix skin firmness and lengthen the results of established ingredients. With Deel SilV Thermo cooling System to enhance the bodies circulation and also help stop fluid retention in the human body. What's more, it aid managing the dangerous shape in the human body, resulting in the elimination of fat which are terrible and also cellulite. With Vela Remodeling Complex that contains Adipogurine and remoduline to increase metabolism within dermis plus its draining activity for producing best body shaping. With Vela Tightening Complex that contains patented ingredients Cafeisilane and Kalpariane, combined with peptides, Red Ginseng Extract and Burdock Root Extract for body firming and resilient behavior on skin, to come up with the human body type a lot more toned and also defined. With ninety five % of Hydrogenated Lecithin for a much better absorption for long lasting outcome and established ingredients. With eleven essential oils to assist body blood flow and bleeding out. How you can use: one. Use a tiny volume on the great body part well and massage for a while. two. Examine the cold weather feeling two minutes after placing as well as slap on one more volume in case you're feeling not enough.