Anskin - Premium Herb Lavender Modeling Mask 1Kg 1Kg

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A gentle gel style modeling kit with Lavender, Grapefruit Seed extracts, Machihyun (Portulaca) calms irritated or sensitive skin. In addition, it adjusts epidermis moisture content & oil balance, passing on to you healthy and clear skin tone. How you can use: one. Refine skin surface with toner right after cleansing. Apply ampoule with the face as well as neck for greater results. two. Combine the modeling cover up powdered with h20 in the ratio of 1:0.7 in a mixing bowl or even a measuring cup. Combine them well. three. After that, use the blend to cheeks, chin, nose and forehead thickly. Spread the remainder of the blend over your face. four. Hold off until it dries what requires roughly 15 20 minutes, take away the group from the bottom level part. five. Take away the remaining kit with toner.