Taiyou No Aloe - Hyaluronic Acid Water Solution 10Ml

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A normal water solution as well as hyaluronic acid. By putting it with experience lotion and also serum, shampoo or masks, you are able to moisturize your body, hair, and skin. How you can use: Tips on how to make basic lotion which contain hyaluronic acid (example): Purified water: 100cc Hyaluronic acid: 5ml Glycerin: 5ml Put the aforementioned ingredients in a planting container, shake well, and then mix well to allow it to be. Likewise, it might end up being applied for body treatment, hair treatment, lip therapy. Hyaluronic acid is better in moisture retention and it's thought to find a way to keep six liters of moisture in one gram. It's stated that hyaluronic acid is superb in moisture retention.