Dr.ci:labo - Super White 377 Vc 18G

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Very WHITE 377 VC is appropriate for improvement on any style of dark areas, dull skin.The product and blemish is made up of a unique Dr. Ci:Labo substance Nano W377.It has binding Platinum Colloid, WHITE377, as well as Vitamin C derivative.These ingredients help provide greater penetration for the skin plus more brightening effect.Vitamin C is included with the product, that aids skin collagen production, brightening dark areas, increasing skin dullness, improving resilience and pore tightening of the skin.Vitamin C helps the power of WHITE377 to stop tyrosinase activity.How to Tone and Use:Wash the face area of yours, have a suitable quantity as well as affect the concerned area.Apply another level for far more enhanced effect.Then put on moisturizer.Pack Size - 18g