Jill Stuart - Relax Hand Cream 30G

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Hand cream which has very hydrating rose, orange as well as lavender honey, as well as abundantly wet star fresh fruit, Madonna lily, silk and peony. Full of shea butter, that itself has a considerable amount of oleic acid, heightening penetration. In addition high in cholesterol derivatives, consists of intercellular lipids, permitting a cushy feeling during using, blending with the skin of yours while becoming neither overly gluey or absurdly slippery. Very water retentive oil envelops and then holds in drinking water, while very emollient vaseline generates a soft level of defense on the exterior of the skin of yours. This entirely protects your skin on your nails and hands, so frequently vulnerable from drying, as well as uses a sensation of long lasting moisture. A style which shoots clear, pure white as the main color of its. The label is spread out with a charming structure of blossoms which are little as well as highlights of the brand name color, yellow. Includes a great cut bronze cap. Fragrance of spicy white floral bouquet. Tips on how to Use: Spread a suitable length over hands. Pack Size - 30g