Kose - Stephen Knoll Hair Pack 220G - 3 Types

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A fragrance of environmentally friendly floral musk that's both feminine and refreshing. Form & Control A locks pack which often uniformly diffuses on each and every tresses with a smooth texture and additionally brings about straight and moist tresses. The moisture balance therapy part stops increased moisture content absorption from the exterior air, helps to keep the volume of moisture constant, thus the follicle therapy factor cares for the damaged a component of the follicle, and in so doing removing hair from moisture which leads to swell and habit. Moisture & Control A locks kit which often repairs hair that's especially concerned about dried out harm. It causes your hair that's moist plus hydrated without wrinkles. Style & Control A locks pack which often repeats the hair color and also repairs targeted hair away from the center. Keeps the brown of the hair, helps to keep the newly colored hair color ink, as well as brings about clean plus shiny locks. The way to use: After washing, gently rinse as well as drain with the proper volume of hair all around. It's better to wash out after 2 3 minutes.