Shiseido - Aqualabel Moist Powder Foundation Spf 20 Pa++ Refill - 5 Types

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It's a powdery foundation which often goes all over the skin pores with one skin as well as moistly suits your skin easily. With skin ingredient and also fine powdered okay powder combination, transparent sensation shining out of fine finish and the inside which is ok are taken care of therefore pores can't be seen. Dedicated duplex sponge in the book. Hyaluronic acid Na, water soluble collagen, glycerin, silicic acid (Na / Mg), PEG / PPG 36/41 dimethyl ether. How you can use: As soon as quantity utilized is sufficiently little uv safety result can't be obtained. It's a good idea using in combo with beauty products foundation with UV protection impact. A delicate powdered with great skin familiarity is works wit by this foundation. Pack Size - 11.5g