The Saem - Silk Hair Change Volume Up Set: Solution #01 30Ml + Solution #02 30Ml 1Set

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With assorted roll size assistance with making a variety of forehead hair style. Only have twenty minutes as well as utilize the own personal tresses roller to maintain the forehead hair has a volume impact. Contain seven kinds of protein ingredients to help make the ahir very soft and radiance after layer. How you can use: one. Have on the gloves and publish on the movie on the forehead. two. Use the forehead locks into triangle shap and use the best solution one uniformly on it. three. Roll the forehead tresses by locks roller and remedy it with hair pin after that hold on for 10 15 minutes. four. Apply alternative two on the hair well and hold on for ten extra minutes. five. Give off the hair roller, you cna put on therapy product and wash with water obviously, do the hair dryer for the hair design.