Kose - Visee Avant Liquid Eye Color - 10 Types

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Newly spread plus healthy powdery. It's a solution eye color which is adhered to by an attractive finish. Significant expression with 3 textures. Glitter (one, four, ten): A fair amount of big grained pearl is combined. Realize adventurous brilliance. Matte (two, three, nine): A smooth matte is recognized by way of a transparent feeling like frosted cup. Steel (five to eight): The pearls line up attractively on the epidermis, therefore offering a lovely steel surface. Securely connected to the eyelid with a slim film. By building an accommodating movie, lovely exterior lasts for a quite a while, whatever eyelid movement or perhaps sebum and sweat. Uses a brand new chip which often meets the eyelids. Sideways, it may be drawn similar to a thin line, plus diagonally it can be used to all areas of the eyehole. Fragrance free Easy methods to use: Put a suitable volume on the eyelid with a strategy and also distribute evenly with the fingertips of yours. Pack Size - 8g