House Of Rose - Treatment Hand Pack Gloves 3 Sets

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A glove type kit which often wraps hand skin which has a moisturized heart, intensively enters into the sides of the stratum corneum, as well as brings about hands with healthy surface. Petticois Cactus Extract (Opun Tea Fix Indica Stem Extract), Hydrolyzed Acacia Macostusca Seed Extract, Water Soluble Collagen (Moisturizing Component) Ingredients, Fresh and puffy Hand Skin. The way to utilize: After hand clothes, use clean hands. Take away the group away from the bag and thoroughly lower it around the core perforation. Developing the foyer of the group and get hold of it. Change around by setting the wrist around with the affixed tape. Familiarize it very well from the wrist facet for the finger. Take away the pack after 10 15 minutes, give it time to blush the heart continuing to be on the hands of yours perfectly.