Ishizawa-Lab - Keana Baking Soda White Bath Salt Kyoto 30G

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Just simply entering, all areas of the body moist. To the baking soda, the wonderful organic beauty combined with carefully selected Japanese content (silk, rice bran, soymilk fermented extract). Just after immersing in warm water of peach white color, the surface texture of a gorgeous warm water woman. An example of the wonderful warm springs adored for a very long period has a baking soda spring displaying alkalinity of pH 8.5 or perhaps higher. Sodium bicarbonate which usually increases earth and sebum, melts the warm water, also really helps to soften the existing surface area skin. pH 9.7 (pH benefit when 30g of this item is placed in 200 L of plain faucet water at forty C.) You are able to benefit from a sensation of slippery such as getting into a baking soda planting season at home. How you can use: Put one package (30g) in the bathing tub of the house of yours (150 200 L), go on a bath after diligently stirring.