Dhc - Hair Cosme Care & Styling Straight Styling Essence 150Ml

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It's a gel-like hairdressing hair styling that straightens tresses right from the root towards the idea of the locks, fixing locks injury which happens to be difficult to correct even in case it strikes, that makes you think as a behavior and swell. By supplementing protein and water, good care of disturbance of hair balance unusual to curly locks. In addition, when blowing with a hair dryer, the straight hair styling ingredient extends practice and swelling, as well as it prepares it straight into a straight state. With the higher keeping impact, the behavior and also swell don't get back perhaps after completing, the straight locks that's newly styled continues. Injury remedy ingredients, hydrating ingredients, heat safety materials are compounded, hair styling while touching the locks. Suppresses pasters and goats, finishes with clean hands, tresses which is smooth. Paraben free, organic ingredients formulation. How you can use: Take a suitable quantity and give it time to blend perfectly near the aspect of hair which is dry and also semi dry tresses, practice, swell and sweat. Blow with a blow dryer while stretching out habit with brush, etc.