Innisfree - My Hair Recipe Shampoo (Scalp Care) (4 Types) 330Ml Refreshing (For Oily Scalp)

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Relaxing (For Oily Scalp): A silicone free shampoo for deep cleaning of hair, made for oily scalp. Strength (For Weak Hair Roots): A silicone free shampoo that strengthens inadequate hair roots, delivers nutrients and vitality to preserve the hair of yours in good condition as well as essential. Anti-Dandruff (For Dandruff Scalp): A silicone shampoo which extensively cleanses off of dead skin cell and dandruff, also helps to protect scalp with lavender as well as centella compounds. Soothing (For Dry Scalp): A silicone free shampoo which provides abundant wetness to ease itchy scalp caused by dryness, leaving hair scalp feel hydrated and rejuvenated. How you can use: one. Moisten the hair scalp and hair, use a reasonable amount as well as lightly rub the hair scalp until bubbles are formed. two. Rinse with lukewarm water completely.