Koji - Dolly Wink Eye Shadow - 2 Types

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01 Brown The standard murky gradation devoid of pearls, developing doll like eyes that will be non-chemical even so hitting. Work with a highlight color to highlight the reduced lids for an even sweeter appearance. This amazing eyeshadow palette permits you to get pleasure from the colours when they are. two Gray Pink Contains 4 colors types, it is able to aid your to create dimension and also levels, so you are able to have deep eyes. The grey colors match up with red color as a concentration, it is able to provide you the sensation of satisfaction with pretty. How you can use: Colors form remaining to directly as A, D, C plus B. To begin with, use C and B in the top of eyelid and orbital as a basic, then perk up 1/3 of eye mind by using B. Use A on the cheaper lid in the conclusion of the eye of yours, and then make use of D as the top of eye line.