Canmake - Powdery Brow Pencil - 4 Types

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A smoky finish for very soft brows, eyebrow pencil with spiral lightly brush. Delicate idea for main casual, glides on without difficulty, providing color which is excellent. Simply soft sufficient to permit you to have the brows you need. Will not clump, in spite of the smooth texture of its. Smoky finish for very soft eyebrows. A pencil which can make a smoky finish, supplies a delicate surface texture, for this reason it is also suited to fuller brows. Invaluable spiral lightly brush, spiral lightly brush helps it be useful when you are on the go. Take out for the essential sides of the brows of yours & additional places you would like to partner. How you can use: Draw the exterior brows of yours, providing them with an even more extreme degree of color. Draw the essential brows softly, providing them with a gentler look. Comb the spiral lightly brush through to partner the interior brows of yours. Point: Varying the intensity of the color between your outer and inner brows will make certain more significant meaning & a much more organic look. Take advantage of the Canmake Pencil Sharpener to hone this unique item. Stands up to sweat, sebum, & scrubbing. Is sold with a spiral brush.