Crea Modo - Decora Girl Coupy-Design Eyeliner Moss Green 0.3G

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Clear vivid, compacted dyes with just one drawing. Jel with surface which is smooth like melting is great for the eyes of yours. Helps to keep the appearance as it's for decades. If perhaps you create power on design, you are able to easily modify lines which are distinct along with silky lines. Coopie pencil just for eye makeup. If perhaps you create a color line of the identical color as eye shadow, a feeling of unity is going to appear in the beauty products in the eyes. Additionally, and the typical black line, it is going to be sophisticated and fashionable to get styles at focuses just on the eyelid and also the lower eyelid. Fit softly, don't blur, watertight prescription. Relaxing fine eyelids, smooth and moist illustration comfort. You are able to draw the line as you wish, perhaps even for individuals who actually are disgusted with eyeliner, quite possibly single or even double. It'll eventually dry off & solidly fix the tone to ensure that it won't smudge after a while.