Metro Korea - Co2 Gel Face Mask Syringe Set 25Ml X 5 Pcs

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This CO2 Gel Face Mask Syringe Set includes: CO2 Gel Syringe 25ml x five pcs Mask Sheet five desktop pcs Benefits: A nourishing sheet cover up engineered with Carboxy CO2 gel which can help improve circulation for regenerating your skin as well as decreasing epidermis problems. The CO2 helps you stimulate the protein synthesis and improve your skin firmness. Features substances that will hydrate your skin as well as help regain the oil and also moisture content balance of skin. How you can use: one. Right after cleansing, prep your skin with toner. two. Use the gel in the syringe uniformly with the face area, locate the mask on the face area as well as tap softly due to the mask to soak up the gel. three. Try to leave on for 20 25 minutes, get rid of the mask and wash completely with lukewarm water.