Miccosmo - White Label Premium Placenta White Emulsion 120Ml

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A hundred % domestic placenta blended latex without the need for history. Dark skin and also tone-up such as a child by using tone to the minute you implement skin which is flat. Hyaluronic acid as well as collagen are usually provided. Helps prevent dryness and also keeps hydrated white-colored skin for hours on end. The skin is well familiar as well as is usually implemented without foundation. It can certainly be worn not just on the experience but in addition on the neck, decollete, arms as well as hands. A no fragrance, non-paraben, non-mineral oil, non alcohol additive free formulation for skin which is vulnerable. No dairy protein. The way to use: After morning product, have a suitable volume on the hand of yours and add uniformly over the face of yours. On top of the face area, make sure you make use of it on the neck, decollete as well as hands. It is able to also be employed as a beauty products base. It can certainly be quickly eliminated with soap. Could even be implemented as a latex for nighttime skin care. Pack Size - 120ml