The Orchid Skin - Orchid Flower Apple Soft Peeling Gel 120Ml 120Ml

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This amazing peeling gel with all-natural AHA to exfoliate unwelcome debris with care without causing irritation. Multi-purpose since it is able to in addition be put on to body to disclose brightened epidermis. Witch Hazel Extract and Centell Asiatica Extract improve calming and soothing effects. What's more, it replenishes long lasting moisture to skin with the aid of Aloe Vera Leaf Extract and Baobob Fruit Extract. How you can use: one. Skin which is dry right after cleaning as well as slap on a modest amount staying away from the eye area and also lips. two. Rub for aproximatelly thirty seconds and wash out away dead skin cells. three. Start using 1 2 times every week. Set frequency of use according to type of skin or perhaps skin quality.