Farm Stay - 24K Gold Special 4 Week Perfect Ampoule 10Ml X 4

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A 4 week decorative training course to be able to get rid of lines in order to provide radiance to the skin. four months is an excellent time period for skin restoration. Throughout this specific period, the existing cells which create the top, stratum corneum switch to little cells. A elaborate of 99.9 % 24K Gold, peptides and also cardycepsis nourish and also hydrate the epidermis, which makes it radiant, smooth and supple. Additionally, these compounds help even out structure and skin firmness. Niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and adenosine - this complex is targeted at eliminating lines and pigmentation, protecting moisture in skin cells, and in so doing maximizing skin firmness. The elaborate of plant extracts increases the behavior of established ingredients, plus has soothing and antibacterial effects. How you can use: Remove the defensive cover away from the ampoule and publish on the pipette - dispenser. On skin which is clean (especially on trouble areas), you cna put on the needed quantity of drops of the ampoule product and send it with the fingertips of yours with mild tapping movements. one ampoule is developed for a week of usage.