Kao - Curel Intensive Moisture Care Moisture Gel Lotion 220Ml

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365 times for good skin. Drying Skin which is sensitive is generally lacking in required ceramide pieces of skin. Actually sweat gets to be an external stimulus, contributing to skin roughness and rash. Together with drying, what's more, it prevents general skin rashes because of sweat, etc. Inside Jun Hitahoshime ceramide therapy, it's hard to skin which is general by an external stimulus, trying to keep you healthful skin. Hydrating ingredients (hydrating hydrating ceramide useful substance, eucalyptus extract, asnalo extract) components. Avoid skin roughness thanks to sweat and also heat rash, anti inflammatory (active ingredient) ingredients. Sweat difficulty therapy prescription, may also preserve your skin from sweat. Fully suited, new as well as natural gel style. You are able to make use of it on fragile skin of the child of yours. Sensitive acidity. Fragrance free. Uncolored. Alcohol free (no inclusion of ethyl alcoholic drinks). How you can use: Take a suitable quantity and soften lightly on the face and also body.