Anacis - Triactive Acleon Sebo Xtractor 200Ml

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Benefits: An oil free, non irritating lotion for sebum management. Has twenty % of SCAXEL Core Ingredients to get rid of sebum, whiteheads and blackheads. Helps prevent sebum becomes blackhead on the inside pores. Delivers anti oxidation with Epogallocatechine Gallant - Green Tea Extract. Dissolves blackheads and also sebum with Sodium Lauroyl Sacosinate. Calms skin and also brings down skin irritation with Mistletoe. Gets rid of whitehead without squeezing. How you can use: one. Work with a steamed towel to unlock the skin pores on the preferred area for 3 5 minutes. two. Use the item on the preferred location with a cotton pad for 15 20 minutes. three. Take away the cotton pad and wash the sebum and also epidermis harmful particles with a cotton swab or perhaps skin scrubber.