Sofina - Primavista Long Keep Base Uv Spf 20+ Pa++ 25Ml

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The key root cause of make up collapse is a basis of sebum as well as sweat. The bottom of prima keeps the basic foundation by collapsing with sebum as the sebum adsorbing powdered assimilates sebum and solidifies and repels. Evolved sebum detergent makeup foundation is a brand new ingredients sebum adsorption powdered, aproximatelly 130 % of the very own common item of ours. Triple procedure with sebum solidified powder and also oil block components. Ingredients to stop foundation stickiness. In so doing, it helps to keep skin much more tricky to collapse. How you can use: Shake nicely prior to trying to use. Spread the proper volume uniformly over the complete experience. One point strategy. So as to make it even more challenging to collapse, you cna put on a milky solution and dilute it very well, so it's so easy to break down (such as on the nose).