Yanagiya - Kankitsu Ex Medicated Scalp Care Essence 180Ml

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Hair which is healthy from the hair scalp setting. The hardened scalp can become negative circulation also in addition, it causes hair problems. To foster a healthy and beautiful hair, it's important to help keep the hair scalp very soft as well as wet. Helps bring about new hair growth by protecting against hair loss. Flexibly provide moisture content for the hair follicles. It will help nourishing growth of hair. 3 types of therapeutic components promote circulation to stimulate hair root, as well as build long and thick locks with flexibility and flexibility. Pharmaceutical ingredients: assembly extract, vitamin E derivative, dipotassium glycyrrathyrinate. four sorts of all-natural citrus extract helps to keep the hair scalp moisturized, helps prevent drying, as well as prepares the hair scalp setting healthily. Vegetable hydrating ingredients: orange, yuz, grapefruit, orange extract. Menthol comfy and relaxing sensation of usage. All too easy to use spray sort. Fragrance of weak citrus. Efficacy Effect: New hair growth, nourishment, growth of hair promotion, hair which is thin, reduction of loss of hair, postpartum / postpartum depilation, dandruff, itching. How you can utilize: Use before washing or perhaps hair styling. Spray a suitable volume coming from the hair follicles 5cm lightly and away massage the complete along with your finger's belly. Around two times 1 day, use ten push one time as a guide. Use caution touching repeatedly until the material is launched in the first of usage. It can certainly be made use of for both females & males.