O Hui - Prime Advancer 3-Step Ampoule Mask Set 1Box X 8Pcs

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Benefits: Packed with O HUI Prime Advancer skincare solutions for intensive attention in three steps. Step one: Prime Advancer Ampoule Serum betters skin firmness, elasticity and also texture. Step two: Prime Advancer Ampoule Mask adheres to the face of yours wonderfully to provide active ingredients deep into the epidermis. Step three: Ampoule Capture Cream glides upon the skin of yours after use to secure and also moisturise skin with abundant vitamins. How you can use: one. Right after cleansing, use the Serum (Step one) to all areas of the face. two. Knead with care to assist absorption. three. Place the mask sheet (Step two) on the face area of yours while staying away from the mouth and also eye area. four. Discard the mask sheet after 10 20 minutes. five. Pat softly with the excess ampoule for more desirable absorption. six. After that, you cna put on a modest degree of the Cream (Step three) and distribute over the whole face. seven. Knead with care to help absorption.