Rinren - Hair Essence Milk Rose & Camellia 100Ml

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Non-washing treatment options that will result in silky fingers. A hydrating, non washing therapy which often brings about silky fingers. eleven sorts of household plant derived elements formulated in luxury method to drying. Protect the tresses of yours from injury and guarantee that it stays smooth and moist. Beautiful aroma of all-natural rose blend. eleven sorts of combined household place raw materials: Rose floral clean water (from Shimane prefecture Sawa Hime). Rose rose extract (from Shimane prefecture Sawa Hime), camellia seed oil (from Saga Prefecture Karakara island). Camellia flower extract (from Nagasaki prefecture), Susabi norin extract (Setouchi product). Mozuku extract (Okinawa prefecture product), Mitsuishicomb extract (Hokkaido product). Sagarame extract (Seto Inland Sea product), grapefruit extract (Nagano prefecture product). Tea leaf extract (Shiga prefecture product), Aloe vera Leaf extract (Okinawa prefecture). Sedentary ingredients: Sulfate (sulfate), paraben, silicone, mineral oil, crude oil surfactant. Artificial fragrance, animal raw material, artificial dyes agent. How you can use: Take a suitable volume (one push with semi long) and permit the dried out hair and aspect store healthy. Take out following towel drying or perhaps before or perhaps after styling. Get started making use of a couple of times a number of instances. The conclusion of use might be hard to come out.