Kao - Pyuora Medicinal Mouthwash Clean Mint 420Ml

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Detergent erythritol is in the gap where bristles of toothbrush don't achieve easily. A mouthwash that purifies the mouth by facilitating dispersion and also penetration of bacterial aggregates. 2 fungicides (cetyl pyridinium chloride + triclosan) wipe out the infection. Disinfectant coat for a very long moment at each and every corner of adult's lips that is really easy to get dirty. It minimizes the development of new bacterial aggregates as well as helps prevent bad breath and gingivitis. The way to use: After brushing the teeth of yours, pour aproximatelly ten ml (half a measuring cup) in the oral cavity, rinse for aproximatelly twenty to thirty seconds, then spit. It's helpful to start using it before bedtime.