Koh Gen Do - Cleansing Water 380Ml

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A washing water which doesn't have being washed out, with the target of getting both washing gentleness and also power for the skin. Quickly wash it gently with cotton and also the waterproof point beauty products might be taken off fast. To leave virtually no film or even stickiness sensation on the epidermis, providing a refreshing, natural skin. Has ninety five % plus of moisturizing ingredients as well as warm spring water to keep skin which is delicate. From commercial scenes to common females, it is still broadly loved offshore. Weakly tangy, oil, alcohol, crude oil mineral oil, man-made pigment and also with no fragrance. The way to utilize: At the start of use, put on cotton towards the pump and thrust repeatedly until the contents come out. Put on a suitable volume on to the cotton and wipe lightly before beauty products is not anymore put on. There's no importance to rinse out. Pack Size - 380ml