Black Paint - Natural Organic Ostrich Balm Theoria 25G

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In coloring that is black that it's much promoting ostrich balm collection. Theoria plus seventeen flower types essential oils to elevate hydrating power. Appropriate for individuals who actually worry about the age epidermis balm of yours. Oily acid of your skin, palmitoleic acid is a really vital component. Ostrich oil is made up of the palmitoleic acid of its. Any time you get out of the lid of the theoria, it's wrapped in an affluent smell such as a flower bouquet and chill out both body and brain. Invite normal attention to the great moment. How you can use: Take the pearl in the palm as well as high temperatures it with body heat range up until it melts as butter. In the event the heat range is minimal, shea butter is simple to create and it is not too difficult to grainy. Suggest you make use of it together with the product of dark coloring lotion. When applying Best Water melt the balm with the palm of yours and then simply allow it to on the skin of yours after allowing it to healthy with Best Water. When being gooey, massage in order to force the right drinking water in the skin of yours.