Celimax - The Real Noni Moisture Balancing Toner 150Ml

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Benefits: Enriched with eighty % Noni Extract to make good more than 200 forms of good nutrients to skin. Helps balance skin's pH level with a mildly tangy system and is also ideal for skin which is vulnerable. Features Hydrovance to soften and problem epidermis with strong moisture for greater absorption of various other skincare products. Aminoalkanoic acid Complex beefs up skin shield that will keep moisture content in skin. Totally free of man-made colorants and also scents. How you can use: one. Put on a suitable volume onto skin utilizing hands or even pat and cotton pads carefully for much better absorption. two. Place in a big quantity to cotton pads and use straight upon dried out areas for 3 5 minutes for much better moisturizing effect.