Art Naturals - Makeup Remover Wipe 6 Packs Of 30 Individual Makeup Wipes

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artnaturals Makeup Wipes are textured, fragrance free hundred % polyester towelettes infused with hydrating ingredients which nourish your skin as it wipes away hard-to-remove cosmetics and also waterproof mascara. Great for pretty much all skin types, including hypersensitive skin. hundred % Cotton towelettes carefully dissolve make up as well as waterproof mascara while nourishing the peel. biodegradable and friendly Environmentally. Great for pretty much all skin types. Steps for use Gently wash off of cosmetics and dump towelette. Whenever the very best towelette dries out, in close proximity number one and locate carton upside down for 10 minutes or even lightly stroke packet to redistribute washing liquid.