Nahls - Neo Essence 20Ml

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Mouth and also eyes, focused maintenance beauty essence to nervous signs. On top of the 3 ingredients from faculty Nalusgen, Proteoglycan, and also Dedaelin A, the aesthetic ingredient Neodermil that's been given the Innovation Award Gold Award in in cosmetics 2013 (Paris) is mixed at the top advisable concentration, Aging therapy substances like 5 kinds of real human ceramide, orange colloid, vitamin C derivative APPS, etcetera. By blending, the eyes are supported by it and also lips Hari Tsuya. How you can use: Push just one Nerus neo directly into the palm of the hands of yours. Apply while slowly pressing on the location of concern. Point: The top of eyebrows are eye to eyebrows, the reduced eyebrows are eyebrows to eyebrows, and additionally, the enamel model is from the very best to bottom.