Shiseido - Gallery Compact Lip Balm Quentin Monge - 3 Types

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A great lip balm and also lip gloss. Lip therapy is offered by adhesive wrapping base. A lip treatment balm dominated by rich moisture and also excellent shine which often brings about attractive and fluffy lips. The newest system Adhesion Wrapping Base helps to keep the lips of yours hydrated for a quite a while, as in case you had been wrapping your mouth while holding hydrating ingredients such as for instance hyaluronic acid and also macadamia nut oil. Gently comfortable to put on with hardly an stickiness to moisten very well. You will find 3 styles, clear, red and pink. Transparent and glossy dyes works out great in any world. How you can use: Take a suitable volume on the fingertips of yours and blend into the mouth of yours.