Pelican Soap - Milk Flavor Soap Set 80G X 2 - 2 Types

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Ichigo: Fluffy bubbles that contain strawberries and also dairy substances of hydrating ingredients are decent soap. Whenever you cleanse your skin hydrated by the scent of strawberry milk. Hydrating component: strawberry liquid, whey (milk) blending. Maccha: Smell as Matcha Milk, for instance a relaxing time in a cafe, a relaxing and smart brain. Recommended for females that really like cafe. In case you wear it in the bathroom, grown ups spread filling the fragrance of decent Matcha and unwind. A Matcha aroma of milk & softer soap healed by creamy and soft foam. Together with decent, laundry on your skin and glossy. When cleaning, wrapped in a look sweet aroma, the tub is as a cafe sensation. How you can use: Foam a suitable volume with a soft towel, sponge, hands, and so on, clean the skin of yours, then wash out with water which is warm. Pack Size - 80g x two