Kose - Je Laime Fantasist Concentrate Mist 250Ml - 3 Types

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Locks mist which quickly produces emulsion like hydration deep in hair. A quick coating of hydration with only one spray. For reasonable hair you are able to run the hands of yours through. This's a unique sort of hair mist which often includes the simplicity of mist with the consequences of an emulsion. Luxuriously developed with micro loveliness ingredients. Good moisture mist enters to hair's center, quickly covering also hurt hair with hydration. Bounce & Sleek: for hurt, knotty tresses, silky and light (sily overcoat formulation). Sleek and moist: for hurt, flyaway tresses, soft and moist (gentle coat formulation). Straight & Sleek: for hurt, kinked hair, silky straight (straight coat formulation). How you can use: Could be used on dry and wet hair. Spray on the hair style of yours, and brush thriugh with the hands and wrists of yours or perhaps a brush.