Kanebo - Allie Extra Uv Gel Spf 50+ Pa++++ 90G

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Pursuit of hardiness with double proof gel of Super Water Proof that is powerful against water and sweat, Friction Proof that is strong against rubbing and friction. With a beauty heart component formulation, a refreshing sensation of use is going to make the full body light, with ease abundant gel. The way to use: After making the skin of yours with primary cosmetic products on your neck and face, be sure to put it to use properly with no unevenness. Permit the series from the planting container right on the human body, give it time to blend just how much adequate with no unevenness in order to get a circle with the palm of the hands of yours. Whenever the quantity utilized is tiny, ample UV security result can't be obtained. To be able to manage the effects, often (especially once you wipe the skin of yours strongly with a soft towel etc.), solve it. Estimated amount of money used: All areas of the experience is aproximatelly 1.2 cm in diameter. In addition, have an enough quantity for the human body.