Meishoku Brilliant Colors - Ceracolla Perfect Gel Cream 90G

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Right after cleansing the face area, it's 6 of the brightener, cream, milky lotion, beauty lotion, lotion, kit using this type of person. Design maintaining type supple gel permeates penetrating while delivering moisture content to the skin of yours right after cleansing. Right after cleansing, this's a time-to-time all-in-one gel, which in turn finishes skin using this type of person. Extremely permeable hydrating ingredients prevent evaporation of moisture content, maintain elastic and durable skin for decades. Ceramide & collagen formulation. Sensitive acidity very same as skin which is nourishing. Certainly no smell, absolutely no dyes, alcohol free. The way to use: After face cleansing, take a suitable volume at the fingertips of yours, lightly scrub on the epidermis of yours. Especially when drying is a problem, it's helpful in case you superimpose it. You are able to make use of it for early morning and also evening consumption. Pack Size - 90g