Innisfree - Gel Nel Design Tip (5 Types) #17 Check In Red

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Absolutely no importance to put on top coat or base, simply put the nails of yours underneath a gel lamp for forty five secs. Fits for the nail application perfectly, leave with no room for a gorgeous fingernail finish. it's way more simple and fast to be eliminated without harming the fingernails of yours. How you can use: one. Right after cleaning the nails of yours, you cna put on nail primer and enable them to dry out thoroughly. two. Think about the sticker off from the digital movie by using the fingernails of yours or perhaps tweezers. three. Spot the sticker on the nail of yours and press it softly to ensure that it is able to connect to your nail completely. four. Trim the extra and fold the conclusion below your nails. five. Put the nails of yours underneath a gel lamp for forty five secs. Tips on how to remove: one. To use this cure for athlete's foot, soak a wooden stick into the remover/acetone solution. two. Start off from the bottom level. Softly remove the gel sticker with the cork stick to lift up it all the nail plate. three. Apply cuticle oil on your nail beds to revitalize and also rehydrate them.