Duo - The Cleansing Balm 90G - 3 Types

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White: Melting washing specializing in skin color dullness. Concentrating on the uneven color increasing age of skin which often has an effect on the look feeling, it's washing as a heart which often purifies and also is concerned for the skin. Clear: Melting washing specializing in pore issues. With thirty one kinds of beauty components specializing in a variety of pore issues, it brings about pore free skin which is transparent as you make use of it. Normal: Dirty as well as make up is wealthy with the trolley on the dermis! It's an inovative cleansing that merges the 5 functions of cleansing, keratin care, facial cleansing, massage maintenance and healing. How you can use: Take a suitable volume with the hands of yours dried out, and affect all areas of the face while massaging. Then rinse completely with lukewarm water aproximatelly 20 30 times. W Face wash is simply not needed. Pack Size - 90g