Ul Os - Medicated Shampoo For Scalp & Hair Refill 420Ml

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UL OS Medicated SHAMPOO with no conditioner. While silicon just isn't contained, conditioning components continue to be on the exterior of the tresses in rinsing shampoo by thd devisation of coacervation engineering, finish will become incredibly clean and zero need to have to put on conditioner after which. Containing two established ingredients, Cymen-5-ol (fungicide Glycyrrhizic and) acid 2K (anti inflammatory). Nice foam washes the hair with care. N- lauroyl -L- salt aspartate is found as an amino acid dependent washing factor. Contained essencial mnthol and oils help to make the head of yours as well as hair refresh. Coloring-free, Synthetic perfume free, Silicone free.